Make ‘Valve’ that handles ‘powder’

Aishin is specialty manufacturer for ‘Powder’ machinery.

Make a “Process” to handle “Powder”
AISHIN is specialized manufacturer of ‘Powder’ machinery, device and equipment.
Matching with the usage and target at customer end, we crush, mix, sieve, carry, store etc. every ‘Powder’ before it becomes ‘the product’.
A large number of specialized machines are used in such processes aiming at the efficiency and safety for handling ‘Powder’.
Aishin is specialized manufacturer and manufactures and sells a variety of powder handling equipments such as supply and discharge machine called as ‘Rotary Valve’, divergent valve for pneumatic transfer called as ‘Diverter Valve’ and ‘Pneumatic Transfer System’ etc.
In the field of powder handling specialized machinery, we continue to have independent research; development and manufacturing for many years and the worldwide customers are using Aishin products including our top brand ‘Rotary Valve’.
Aishin is a company which is professional in such a specific field which makes it the “Only one”.


  • お客様の「満足」の追求
  • 継続的「革新」
  • 素晴らしい「製品群」

Description of business

  • 1.

    Powder and granular machinery, manufacturing, sale

  • 2.

    Engineering of powder and granular machinery

  • 3.

    Import and sale of overseas powder and granular machinery

  • 4.

    Maintenance of powder and granular machinery

  • 5.

    Powder and granular handling test, analysis

Our strengths

  • We recommend the most suitable machine from a large range of product line up.
  • If required, we design specially and customize.
  • We use the handling experience in all areas of industry.
  • Compliant with diversifying, highly functionalizing new powder and granular.
  • We are manufacturers of machinery and devices and by putting it together, we also provide the facility (equipments).
  • We carry out verification test and analysis for each type at Powder Technology Center.
  • We offer world-class product.
  • We have spread supply chain from Japan, from Asia to each country in the world.
  • We provide satisfactory after sales service.


Transport, supply, weighing, storage, mixing, discharge, milling, crushing, granulating, filling, sorting, separation, coating, dust explosion protection etc.


Petro chemistry, Medicine, Chinese medicine, health food, food products, beverages, fine chemicals, electric power, iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, electricity, automobile, building material, cement, paper manufacturing, secondary battery raw material, ceramics, toner, powdered paint, pigment, agricultural chemicals, feed crop, fertilizer, rubber raw material, ceramic engineering, dust collection, industrial waste etc.


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