We want to be helpful by technology using ‘Powder’.

Our first step to establish this business in 1972 was with this intention.

‘Powder’ means ...
Almost all the ‘Things’ that we are dealing with in our daily life exist as ‘Powder’, before coming into that form.
Tempura made of wheat ‘flour’, building from cement or ‘Powder’ of plaster, automobile bumper from plastic ‘Powder’, headache medication from ‘Powder’ of medicinal ingredients and inactive ingredients ...
If we start counting, there are unending ‘things’ made of ‘Powder’. In short, ‘Powder’ is essential entity which is the base of various products around us.

However, there are not many who are aware of this ‘Powder’. The one who knows is from specialized field.
Powder’ and ‘Granules’ is put together and written as ‘Powder and granular material’ in professional way of saying.
Storing, carrying, supplying, weighing of ‘Powder and granular material’ which is the collection of powder and granules ground from solid is called as ‘Powder and granular material handling’.

This type of operation is always carried out at every manufacturing site depending on the machines.
Aishin Industrial Corporation enriches the world with services and products in powder and granular material handling field.


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