Management Philosophy

To contribute to the development of the industry in the powder and granular material handling field and contribute to create peaceful and prosperous world. To support realization of a prosperous life physically and mentally to all the customers, partner companies, employees, officers, shareholders.

Management’s Vision

Company’s Wish

‘To raise the saplings to grow big which are planted in the past and the saplings planted now should be raised to grow big in future’

Course of action

  • To establish Niche Top ‘AISHIN’ brand.
  • To commit for keeping the word, not to commit, if the word can’t be kept.
  • In any case quick response, first reply.
  • To always learn something from flaws, trouble, failure.
  • To connect humbly with a feeling of gratitude and be reliable.
  • To study well and improve one’s qualities.
  • To discuss and report dutifully.
  • To focus on work earnestly.
  • To have a habit of change and not to be satisfied with the current situation.
  • To work with a global vision.
  • To act by self without being a critique.
  • To abide by the law.
  • To act truthfully, falsehood strictly prohibited.
  • To keep mind and body healthy.