Next-generation Bulk Materials Sanitary Clean & Nano-technology


Next-generation Bulk Materials
Sanitary Clean & Nano-technology

Aishin has delivered more than 200,000 bulk handling equipment to a wide range of industries to automate production processes and save energy.
Aishin will continue to develop the latest high-performance bulk handling equipment based on the concepts of "Sanitary Clean" clean technology and "Nano-technology" hyperfine processing technology.
As bulk materials become ever more functional and finer, they become increasingly hard to handle. Aishin creates products to solve such difficulties with bulk materials.

AISHIN Sanitary Clean & Nano-technology

Difficulties with bulk materials

Customers face bulk discharge and feeding problems related to high temperature, high pressure, steam, and disassembling and washing.

Study and planning of specifications

With a wealth of experience, Aishin studies ways of solving difficult problems and develops solutions.

Designing, prototyping, and manufacturing

Products are designed quickly, then prototyped and manufactured appropriately at our factory.

Verification testing and improvement

Aishin guarantees customer satisfaction with our manufactured equipment and efficiently makes improvements as required.

Product completion

Products are delivered to customers after in-house assembly inspection and witnessed inspection.

Solutions to difficult customer problems

Our products are designed to solve customers' difficult problems. That's the Aishin standard.

Aishin's bulk handling equipment is used in many bulk handling processes.

Main bulk substances
Silica,Terephthalic acid,Calcium carbonate,Calcium chloride,Titanium oxide,Zinc oxide,Calcium hydroxide,Aluminum hydroxide,Zinc carbonate,Calcium silicate,Alumina,Carbon black,Coke,Toner,Perlite,Pigment,Graphite,Burnt ash,Asbestos,Colorant,Agricultural chemicals,Fertilizer,Polypropylene,Polyethylene,Polyester,Acrylic resin,Phenolic resin,Fluoro plastics,ABS resin,Sugar,Granulated sugar,Coffee beans,Rubber chips,Soup powder,Seasoning,Salt,Pharmaceuticals,Paper powder,Feedstuff,Soybeans,Starch,Powdered milk,Glucose,Used tea leaves,

Main customer industries
Petrochemicals and general chemicals,Foods and beverages,Medicine and pharmaceuticals,Porcelain and ceramics,Rubber and tires,Iron and steel,Metals and machinery,Textiles and paper,Electric and electronic,Fertilizers,Feedstuff,Automotive,Oils,Tobacco

Corporate Profile

Name: Aishin Industrial Corporation

Head Office: 3-16-21, Hachimangi, Kawaguchi City, Saitama 334-0012 Japan

Tel: 81-48-285-7511(Main) Fax: 81-48-285-7788


Plant: Same as above

Tokyo Sales Office:3-16-21,Hachimangi,Kawaguchi City,Saitama 334-0012 Japan

Tel:81-48-287-3687 FAX:81-48-287-3275

Chubu Sales Office:2-9-16,Seni,Ichinomiya City,Aichi 491-0873 Japan

Tel:81-586-75-7721 FAX:81-586-75-7722

Osaka Sales Office:5-1-28,Miyahara,Yodogawa-ku,Osaka City 532-0003 Japan

Tel:81-06-6391-9355 Fax:81-06-6391-9444

Kyushu Sales Office:4-9-3,Tanotsu,Higashi-Ku,Fukuoka City 813-0034 Japan

Tel:81-92-622-1137 FAX:81-92-622-1138

Chinese Overseas Subsidiary Company:WUXI AIXIN MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

Huichang Road No.82,Wuxi Huishan Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu,China

Tel:+86-510-8357-1136 Fax:+86-510-8357-1137

Capital: 50million yen

Established:July 1972

Representative: Ryoichi Miyakawa, Chairman   Toru Murakami,President

Business: Manufacturing and selling equipment for supplying, conveying, and discharging bulk materials, preventing bridges,separating magnet,diverter valves for pneumatic conveyance, and other equipment related to bulk materials

Affiliations:The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering Japan

Affiliate: Aishin Nanotechnologies Corporation

ISO Certificate: ISO9001:2000 JQA-QM7872


Jul 1972: Established in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (Capital: 1 million yen)

Apr 1973: Moved to Nakano-ku, Tokyo

Aug 1979: Moved to Kawaguchi City, Saitama. Started in-house manufacturing.

Oct 1985: Moved the plant to Edo 2-chome, Kawaguchi City.

Feb 1990: Constructed a new plant and moved to Hachimangi 3-chome, Hatogaya City.

Sep 1991: Increased capital to 10 million yen.

Jun 1994: Increased capital to 22 million yen.

Oct 2001: Increased capital to 50 million yen.

Mar 2002: Acquired ISO9001 certification for the plant at the head office.

Jan 2006: Established Aishin Nanotechnologies as a subsidiary.


Map for head office

Map for head office

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