Rotating motor is inserted in the horizontal cylinder case by motor drive, the powder and granular fed to the rotor from top is transferred to the bottom through rotation and the mechanism is to discharge and supply by gravity.
Powder and granular supply stops by stopping the rotation and supply starts by starting the rotation.
It is possible to control the supply speed of powder and granular by combining with variable speed motor.
Size of the rotary valve is determined by your requirement of discharge performance.
We handle a wide variety of powders and granular and the most suitable one can be selected from a combination of specifications such as material, rotor shape and various options.

<Structure of standard rotary valve>


  • Target industry:
    Petro-chemistry, general chemistry, food and beverages, healthcare and drugs, ceramic engineering, ceramic, rubber, tire, iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, metal, machinery, fabric, paper manufacturing, electricity, electronics, plant food, feeding stuff, automobile, refinery, tobacco, etc.
  • Target powder and granular:
    Each powder and granular such as API, intermediate, drug, dust collection dust, waste material etc.