Crosslink prevention device

Bin scraper / Hopper binal feeder ー

Solution for trouble in powder and granular hopper


  • Prevents rat hole, bridge in hopper
  • Difficult to discharge raw material can be discharged smoothly
  • Managing of raw material segregation is possible
  • HBF (Hopper Binal Feeder) can discharge constantly
  • Hopper angle can be compatible up to 45°
  • It can be made to order according to existing hopper
  • Multiple blades can be attached
  • Standard specifications up to φ40~φ500
    (For large caliber diameter, availability is determined after discussion)
  • Silent
  • Boltless and simple structure

Major usage illustration

Silica, Calcium carbonate, Titanium oxide,carbon,toner, ink, diatom earth,fiber glass, fabric,paper dust,
wood chips, waste plastic crushed product, dye, pigment, paint, tea lees, incinerated ash, dewatered cake, activated carbon, oil residue, dust collectuion,
drugs, agrochemicals, citric acid, etc.

Small size

To small hopper of molding machine, tableting press etc.

Major specifications

Model Joint diameter Standard input
HBS-40 φ40 ~都度~
HBS-50 φ50
HBS-65 φ65
HBS-80 φ80
HBS-100 φ100 0.1kW
HBS-125 φ125 0.1kW
HBS-150 φ150 0.2kW
HBS-200 φ200 0.2kW
HBS-250 φ250 0.2kW
HBS-300 φ300 0.4kW
HBS-350 φ350 0.4kW
HBS-400 φ400 0.4kW
HBS-450 φ450 0.75kW
HBS-500 φ500 0.75kW

Material:Compatible with CS, SUS and also special material.
*For morethan HBS-600 manufacturing is done with a separate design.