Compression coupling for pneumatic transfer pipe

EURAC coupling


EURAC coupling is a product by STIF, France (Established in 1984) and is used for pneumatic transfer pipe worldwide in 60 countries every year approx 600,000 in quantity.
As far as compression coupling for piping is concerned, with respect to flange connection piping, STIF developed EURAC coupling in 1989 and started sale.
Product line-up for low pressure to high pressure and enabled compatibility for low density and high density pneumatic transfer, pressure transfer and suction transfer.
Compared to the SUS304 JIS5KFF flange connection, the cost is 1/3〜1/2.
The connection work is carried out by tightening the bolts from outside by torque wrench, after matching with the edge of the pipe to be connected.
*We are having the exclusive agency in Japan for STIF.

  • High withstanding voltage(L,M<0.2MPa, HL<0.5MPa)
  • Easy to install
  • Cheaper than flange connection
  • Space saving of parallel piping is possible
  • Long-life
  • A wide variety of products to suit your needs
    (Consult, in case of large caliber diameter, different diameter connection etc.)
  • Product line up from low pressure to high pressure
  • Suitable for low density and high density pneumatic transfer, pressure transfer, suction transfer
  • Approx 600,000 in worldwide each country / actual results in a year


Type  L/M

SUS-TP pipe Sanitary pipe Pipe outer diameter EURAC Pressure resistance*a Pressure resistance*b
(JIS G3459) (JIS G3447) 〔㎜〕 Type Model 〔MPa〕 〔MPa〕
  1.5S 38.1 L φ38.1-L100 0.20 1.30
32A   42.7 L φ42.7-L100 0.20 1.25
40A   48.6 L φ48.6-L100 0.20 1.22
  2S 50.8 L φ50.8-L100 0.20 1.20
50A   60.5 L φ60.5-L100 0.20 1.13
  2.5S 63.5 L φ63.5-L100 0.20 1.09
65A 3S 76.3 M φ76.3-L150 0.20 1.16
80A 3.5S 89.1 M φ89.1-L150 0.20 0.91
  4S 101.6 M φ101.6-L150 0.20 0.70
100A   114.3 M φ114.3-L150 0.20 0.50

*a in case of not fixed pipe connection
*b in case of fixed pipe connection


  • FDA authentication white NBR gasket -30〜+110℃
  • Red silicon gasket VMQ -60〜+200℃
  • Total SUS304L specifications
  • Coupling clamper
  • Protection ring plate