Rotary valve – each type of option


  • Case: SCS14/SCS16/SCS19/SUS304L/SUS310S/SUS316/SUS316L/Aluminum/ Hastelloy /Inconel/Titanium/Vinyl chloridelining etc.
    *Standard:FC200/FCD450/SS400 equivalent, SCS13/SUS304
  • Rotor: SUS304L/SUS310S/SUS316/SUS316L/Aluminum/Hastelloy/Inconel/Titanium/Vinyl chloride lining /abrasion resistant steel plate etc.
    *Standard:FC200/FCD450/SS400 equivalent、SCS13/SUS304

Surface finish

  • Case interior:Buff #150~400/Electrolytic grinding/Teflon coating etc.
    *Standard:Along with iron and stainless, the inner surface of cylinder can be machining surface, slot can be rough buff finish and case outer surface buff finish is also possible
  • Rotor:Buff#150~400/ Electrolytic grinding / Teflon coating etc.
    *Standard:Iron, stainless steel both as basis material

Surface processing for wearing measures

  • Case inner surface: Hard chrome plating / tungsten carbide thermal spraying / nitriding treatment / seal grid-like overlay etc.
    *Selection: Cylinder (sliding) inner surface only / all surfaces including slot inner surface
  • Rotor : Blade edge hard overlay (equivalent to HF -350) / blade edge satellite overlay / all surfaces nitriding process etc.

Supplementary specifications

Safety equipment

Related to motor

●Motor type:
Manufacturer, model can be specified like inverter compliant motor / motor with variable reducer / Explosion-proof with increased safety (eG3), Explosion-proof with pressure resistance (d2G4) etc.

Other accessories