Rotary valve Technical documents

Model classification

Model of rotary valve is written as follows. Select as per your usage.

Drive system Symbol Meaning
None Chain drive
D Direct drive
Model:Major Classification Symbol Meaning
rotary valve
Drop-through R Standard type
S Easy cleaning type
SC Scraper type
MP Medium pressure type
HP High pressure type
THP Steam type
Blow-through B Standard type
CB Complete blow-through type
SB Easy cleaning type
Sanitary rotary valve Drop-through S Standard type
SSC Scraper type
Blow-through SB Standard type
SCB Complete blow-through type
Distinction of molded rubber rotor Symbol Meaning
None  Other than molder rubber rotor
V Molder rubber rotor
Connection flange Symbol Meaning
M Round flange
A Square flange
B Rectangular flange
Connection diameter Symbol Meaning
  mm mm
  One side of the square for a square flange
Casing material Symbol Meaning
N Carbon steel(FC,FCD,SS400,etc.)
S Stainless steel(SCS,SUS etc.)
A Aluminum(ADC,AL,etc.)     
Rotor options Symbol Meaning
None No options
HP Helical blade
WH Double helical blade     
R Upper-bottom
THP Zigzag pocket
S Round-bottom
B Steel-ball rotor
Rotor type Symbol Meaning
O Rotor with no sidewall
P Rotor with sidewall
OP Rotor with single sidewall
F Moled rubber roter
L All-resin rotor
Rotor materials Symbol Meaning
M Carbon steel(FC,FCD,SS400,etc.)
S Stainless steel(SCS,SUS etc.)
U Urethane rubber
N Neoprene rubber
A Aluminum(ADC,AL,etc.)
TU With non-metallic chip(urethane,resin,etc.)
TS With metallic chip(stainless steel,etc.)
Special specifications Symbol Meaning
None No special specifications
WRJ With shaft-water cooling mechanism
SP Special specifications,such as fabricated casing and surface hardening